A Biography

Never Give Up

Faith Hope Love


Hope her life testimony can add colour to your life.
From birth cry to passing away, how many years are there in a person’s life? Where does life come from, and where does it go in the end? What does its coming and going leave the world?
The Creator gives everyone a life, just like a book bound by white paper, allowing us to write, paint and edit as much as we want. The ups and downs, the joys and sorrows, the vicissitudes of life…
There may be coincidences in life experiences, but due to different beliefs of the authors, the key message of the Life Manual may be quite different.
She is a servant of God and a devout Christian; after suffering from cancer, she has experienced ups and downs in the valley of death. She smiled and calmly faced death, never giving up lightly. Her life has not been darkened by the threat of illness; the thematic message she painted: faith, hope, love, blooming in her life.
Please walk into her life story and savour the answers to the questions in it.

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